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Diesel vehicles and engines LPG conversions.

Yes, you read correctly, your eyes are not deceiving you, Diesel engines converted to run on LPG Propane Gas.

Alternative Fuel Company is the first and the only LPG diesel blend gas converting workshop in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and one of handful in the UK that has successfully researched, developed and installed Autogas Diesel injection systems on to trucks, vans, busses and stationary engines.

  1. In Europe many Lorries and big diesel engines now run using a mix of LPG and diesel.
  2. Financial savings work out at around 25%.  This is for all vehicles.

The graph below shows total fuel consumption is less in the vehicle that runs with an LPG mix, this is because as well as LPG having a higher calorific value (table 1) also had different flame propagation properties to diesel thus reducing the acceleration time and demand on power.

Assuming figures of diesel costing £1.30 per litre and LPG £0.70 per litre it will cost £54 to drive 60 miles on diesel and £42 to drive 60 miles with the LPG mix.

lpg diesel gas conversion fuel consumption table



  1. Alternative Fuel Company has been at the forefront, pioneering the diesel lpg conversion with clear aims of reducing harmful cancerous emissions whilst benefitting financially for exploration of now cleaner gas-derv blend powered engines.Gas prices have remained fairly static over the past 2 years.  Todays price at the pump is around 76p per litre or 57p wholesale.
  2. Performance of the vehicle is increased,  indeed often will have more power on LPG since it has a higher calorific value as well as considerably faster flame speed.  The driver will not notice a change driving using LPG. With the LPG blend achievable figures of an increase of horse power between 10-20% and torque of 10-15%
  3. Engine oil lifespan is increased as less of diesel is being burnt
  4. A 10000 mile service check is advised to ensure smooth running of the vehicles
  5. We will fit the biggest tank possible – typically 100 litres.
  6. Emissions. With a diesel LPG mix there is a reduction in Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Soot Particles – overall between 5 and 18% depending on the diesel injection system type. Using a diesel gas mix will result in a sizeable reduction in Nitrogen Oxide levels which in turn extend the life span of the engine as well as reduce any post charge usage of additives namely Ad Blue.  In a diesel only engine about 70-80% of the injected fuel is converted physciochemically and by-products are harmful components penetrating into the atmosphere whereas with the diesel LPG mix as much as 95% of the fuel delivered is burnt and the share of the toxic components considerably reduced.  This has been confirmed by a certified testing agency.


Scania 6 cylinder HGV Truck Diesel

Scania 6 cylinder HGV Truck Diesel Blend LPG Autogas filling up at autogas station Scania 6 cylinder HGV Truck Diesel Blend LPG Autogas engine view installation Scania 6 cylinder HGV Truck Diesel Blend LPG Autogas engine view after conversions Scania 6 cylinder HGV Truck Diesel Blend LPG Autogas plumbing and injectorsview

Scania HGV

Scania hgv diesel blend autogas conversions Irelands only installer. SCANIA diesel lpg autogas conversion the only workshop in Ireland Scania diesel autogas blend conversion scania diesel engine lpg autogas blend conversion#

Scania Motorhome

Scania Motorhome lpg conversion installations and inspections in northern ireland Scania Motorhome diesel autogas installations repairs diagnostics

Audi A6 C7 2.0 diesel

Audi A6 C7 2.0 diesel blend filling point Audi A6 C7 2.0 Diesel LPG blend, only installer in Northern ireland Diesel gas Audi A6 C7 2.0 TDI diesel gas blend dual fuel alternative fuel company Audi A6 C7 2.0 crtdi diesel autogas conversion