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Forklifts & commercial LPG conversions, servicing and repair.

Lpg has found its way to many corners of our lives as it’s a cleaner, better alternative to Petrol and unrivalled in performance and harmful emissions to diesel.

Primary engines to benefit from LPG conversion are found in forklifts, although fairly trouble free they do need regular maintenance and servicing to keep them working at peak performance.

Other engines with autogas conversions are, generators, small carts and golf buggies, the application of LPG installations is endless and only emerging new technology slowing the developments down.

Alternative Fuel Company offers lpg conversions, servicing and repairs of all types of autogas conversion systems in Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland.

Having an industrial engine running using LPG propane comes with host of benefits, the main being clean emissions. LPG forklifts are not a new product but they offer on the button performance in closed spaces without having to worry about running out of electricity.

Main manufacturers of the lpg forklifts are Nissan, Toyota and Linde, these usually use North American made IMPCO autogas kits. These are reliable systems due to their simplicity but do suffer from failures over time. The failure of lpg components can manifest itself with engine hard to rev or parts of system freezing over, when this is the case an immediate diagnosis should be carried out in order to stop any damage occurring to the engine.

Below is just one of the work we undertook recently in converting petrol forklift to run on propane gas.

Example: Forklift LPG installation.

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