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LPG costs about half that of petrol – currently 49p per litre as opposed to 105p per litre of petrol. An LPG converted vehicle will return slightly less miles per gallon than that of petrol so the savings are around 50%

Depending on your vehicle the savings could be even more – generally the bigger the engine of the car, the more fuel it will consume therefore the bigger your savings could be. Similarly your fuel bill will be considerably less if you do a lot of miles per year.

The savings to be made are £1115 each year which is just under 50%.

The reality is an LPG conversion need not cost you anything. The savings to be made on your petrol bill mean the conversion has paid for itself within a short period of time.

Of course the savings made to the environment are substantial. Reducing Carbon and being environmentally responsible is now a part of everyday life. LPG is a low carbon content fuel that can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

The low price of LPG autogas is a result of the low level of fuel duty applied by the government. This government support is in recognition of LPG’s environmental benefits

We therefore expect the price of LPG autogas at the pumps to continue at around half that of petrol and diesel for the foreseeable future because the Chancellor has undertaken to provide consumers with assurance of stability by way of a three year rolling commitment.

HummerConversion costs:

4 Cylinder cars from: £1000 plus VAT

6 Cylinder cars from: £1250 plus VAT

8 Cylinder cars from: £1450 plus VAT

Parts and labour warranty is included in your overall price quoted and will last 24 months.

Why convert to LPG?

Driving an LPG converted vehicle is safe, easy and, best of all, costs about 50% less than petrol or diesel. Running on LPG reduces your carbon footprint compared with petrol and diesel and is by far the most widely available alternative fuel in the UK.

It is much more environmentally friendly as Autogas contains no lead and is therefore much cleaner. Exhaust emissions contain less harmful substances when compared to petrol or diesel.

Car driving through green field
LPG produces: Car driving through green field

•10-33% less CO2 emissions than petrol and 45% less than diesel
•15-63% less carbon monoxide
•10-40% less hydrocarbons than petrol and 70% less than diesel

Wear and tear on your engine is reduced and the life of the engine is actually increased because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits.

Engine noise is reduced. In contrast to diesel, cold starting is no problem, engine performance is similar to petrol and the ignition of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher homogenous mixture.

No additives are required to guarantee high quality and there is no danger of spilling when filling your tank and little possibility of theft or pilfering.

LPG is more efficient than petrol because it reaches the engine in gas form leading to improved combustion. Motoring servicing costs may be reduced because oil does not become diluted.

Example of LPG Conversion on Peugot 1007:

Peugot 1007 Side View  Peugot 1007 Injectors  Peugot 1007 Filler Point

 System Fitted                   Position of Injectors           Location of Filler Point