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LPG autogas conversions Northern Ireland and UK.

With the first vehicle to be converted being a Range Rover Vogue V8 back in 2002 and the following car a BMW M3 it became apparent that the LPG conversion market was a business path for Alternative Fuel Company to take.

The conversion market grew strong and our name became a leader in quality and innovation of autogas installation systems.

In 2006 we have developed our own LPG Autogas system AFC G3, which when compared to opposition offered unrivalled electronic reliability, it is still offered although it has evolved both in software as well as in hardware.

If you are looking to get your car converted with quality parts, offering maximum performance then we are the company you should be speaking to.

LPG conversions and autogas parts is the core of our business, not a sideline to mechanical work.

We take in our workmanship and always undertake any lpg conversion with care and attention leaving a professional finish. For a list of some of the vehicles we have already converted, scroll through to the bottom of the page.

Below are examples of LPG conversions in Northern Ireland carried out by Alternative Fuel Company

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audi lpg

Audi A6 2.7 V6 BI Turbo

Audi A6 2.7 Twin turbo V6 autogas conversions and inspections Aughnacloy Audi A6 2.7 Twin turbo V6 converted to auto gas by alternative fuel company Audi A6 2.7 Twin turbo V6 lpg filling point stealthy Audi A6 1.8 20vt switch location

Audi S4

audi s4 4.2 autogas conversion to high performance cars audi s4 4.2 engine bay after cnversion audi s4 4.2 during lpg conversion

Audi S2

audi s2 2.3 20v turbo engine bay autogas installation in place audi s2 2.3 20v turbo engine side view after lpg conversion

Audi A8

Audi A8 D2 3.7 V8 with autogas lpg injectors neatly mounted Magic Audi A8 D2 3.7 V8 autogas filling point Audi A8 D2 2.8 V6 autogas conversion in ireland

Audi A6 C7 2.0 Diesel LPG

Audi A6 C7 2.0 diesel blend filling point Audi A6 C7 2.0 Diesel LPG blend, only installer in Northern ireland Diesel gas Audi A6 C7 2.0 TDI diesel gas blend dual fuel alternative fuel company

Audi A6 1.8 Turbo

Audi A6 1.8 Turbo converted by Ireland biggest best lpg autogas installer alternative fuel company Audi A6 1.8 turbo 230bhp autogas conversion in tyrone NI


bmw lpg

BMW 318

BMW 318i E46 Valvetronic engine converted to run on LPG BMW 318i E46 Valvetronic Engine bay after conversion

BMW 38 i

BMW 740i E38 engine bay after lpg conversion BMW 740i E38 Autogas converted in Northern Ireland Tyrone BMW 740i E38 being converted

BMW E46 M3

BMW E46 M3 autogasBMW e46 m3 lpg tank BMW E46 M3 3.2 Engine bay after lpg installation with Magic Injectors

BMW 630i

BMW 630i E64 Valvetronic switch over button BMW 630i E64 Valvetronic autgas filler in lower rear bumper BMW 630i Injectors BMW 630i E64 Valvetronic lpg Irene tanks in place

BMW X5 E53 4.4i

BMW X5 E53 4.4i v8 lpg autogas conversions, diagnostics and repair northern ireland tyrone BMW X5 E53 4.4i v8 Hidden LPG level gauge switch  BMW X5 E53 4.4i v8 hidden lpg fillers

BMW X5 4.8is E70

BMW X5 4.8is E70 lpg installations insurance inspections and servicing BMW X5 4.8is E70 LPG conversion in progress quality and attention to detail means no problems

BMW x5 3.0

BMW x5 3.0 getting filled up with propane gas with hidden filling point BMW x5 3.0 engine bay after lpg autogas conversion

BMW E90 330i

BMW E90 330i autogas tanks in place BMW E90 330i LPG Autogas conversion location of vapouriser  BMW E90 330i stealthy hidden lpg filler

BMW e34 m5

BMW e34 m5 High performance cars converted to LPG autogas by alternative fuel company bmw e34 m5 Lpg Autogas conversion installed stealthy engine bay

BMW 630i

BMW 630i E64 Valvetronic autogas installation in place engine bay BMW 630i E64 Valvetronic autgas filler in lower rear bumper

BMW 630i

BMW 330i E46 Vanos cabriolet lpg converted to run on gas BMW 330i E46 Vanos engine bay after conversion  BMW 330i E46 Vanos LPG autogas level switch indicator location BMW 330i E46 Vanos lpg autogas filling point location


cadillac lpg

Cadillac Escalade V8

Cadillac Escalade V8 converted to LPG Autogas conversions Ireland Cadillac Esclade LPG conversion in progress Autogas installs and repair Ireland


chevrolet lpg

Chevrolet Tacuma

Chevrolet Tacuma autogas lpg conversions in ireland Chevrolet Tacuma Engine bay after LPG conversion

Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4

Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 conversions to autogas by Alternative Fuel company NI Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 lpg autogas power engine bay after conversion in NI


chrysler lpg

Chrysler Grand Voyager

Chrysler Grand Voyager converted to use lpg autogas Chrysler Grand Voyager Filler Point LPG GPL

Chrysler PT cruiser 2.4

Chrysler PT cruiser 2.4lpg autogas conversion neat and no showing parts by alternativefuelcompany NI Chrysler PT cruiser 2.4 autogas propane filling point alternative fuel company car, hgv and boat cnversions in Northern Ireland


citroen lpg

Citeron C4

Citroen c4 1.6 autogas parts spares conversions repair diagnostics Citroen C4 1.6 filler bumper mounted autogas filling point Citroen C4 1.6 autgas converted vehicles

Citroen Berlingo 1.6

Citroen Berlingo 1.6 van insurance approved engineer reports and inspections for lpg conversions Citroen Berlingo 1.6 van lpg repairs, diagnostics servicing in Ireland


dodge lpg

Dodge Caliber

Dodge Caliber 2.4 autogas lpg spares, parts, repairs, diagnostic, uklpg insurance approved ireland Dodge caliber 2.4 engine after being converted to run on propane


ferrari lpg

Ferrari 456

Ferrari 456 diagnostics and repair Aughnacloy Northern Ireland


ford lpg

Ford Granada Ghia 2.8

Ford Granada Ghia 2.8 lpg autogas conversions to classic and modern cars or vans Ford Granada Ghia 2.8 lpg autogas conversions classic and modern cars Ford Granada Ghia 2.8 alternative fuel company tyrone ireland lpg autogas conversions

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo 1.6 converted to autogas in ireland Ford mondeo engine view after lpg installations in Northern Ireland

Ford Focus ST 2.5 st3

Ford Focus ST 2.5 st3 lpg autogas conversion engine bay with propane injectors Ford Focus ST 2.5 st3 duratorque engine conversions Ford Focus ST 2.5 ST2 tubo autogas lpg propane hidden filling point

Ford Fiesta 1.4

Ford Fiesta 1.4 filling with lpg autogas at the pump Ford Fiesta 1.4 Lpg auto gas conversion in ireland Ford Fiesta 1.4 insurance approved LPG installations


honda lpg

2010 Honda Accord

Honda Accord 2.0 vtec autogas filler mounted underneath the bumper Honda Accord 2.0 vtec fuel level gauge switch for propane system Honda Accord 2.0 vtec engine bay picture after installation f dual fuel autogas system

Honda CRX

Honda CRX performance car lpg autogas conversions Honda CRX del Sol vtec local lpg converter cars lpg

Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic

Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic tow bar mounted filling point Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic dash mounted fuel gauge switch Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic autogas conversions and inspections

Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic

Honda CRV 2.0 Autogas servicing, diagnostics, repair, installations and insurance approved inspections Honda CRV 2.0 LPG conversion in Aughnacloy, Biggest and The best autogas installations in Ireland


hummer lpg

Hummer H2 Limo

Hummer H2 Stretch Limo lpg repairs and servicing in NI Hummer H2 Limo refuelling with lpg at autogas station in Northern Ireland


isuzu lpg

Isuzu Vehicross

Isuzu Vehicross LPG converted with no problems alternative fuel company Isuzu V cross vehi cross engine bay after lpg conversion GM 3.5 engine


jaguar lpg

Jaguar XJ6

Jaguar XJ boot with torroidial tank in place of spare wheel Jaguar XJ 3.2L engine bay after professional autogas installation Jaguar XJ autogas fuel level gauge switch location neat tidy and no problems

Jaguar X type 2.5 v6

Jaguar X type 2.5 v6 lpg installations and inspections for insurance lpga Jaguar X type 2.5 v6 autogas conversions and installations in Ireland

Jaguar E type V12

Jaguar E type V12 in for engine tuning timing and carb reset


jeep lpg

Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.1 srt8

Jeep grand cherokee 6.1 srt8 lpg autogas converted in NI Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.1 srt8 engine bay after conversion no loss in power Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.1 srt8 with irene autogas tank in place and exhaust rerouted

Jeep Commander 5.7

Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi converted to autogas by alternative fuel company NI Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi engine bay after LPG conversion optional Cone filter

Jeep Cherokee KJ 3.7 V6

Jeep Cherokee KJ 3.7 V6 automatic lpg systems injection kits spares and parts Jeep Cherokee KJ 3.7 V6 sequential autogas injection conversion engine bay Jeep Cherokee KJ 3.7 V6 autogas filler point mounted on the left side of bumper


kia conversion lpg


KIa Carens 2.0 with lpg filler fitted in bumper Kia Carens 2.0 fitted with AFC g3 autogas injection system KIA Carens 2.0 Toroidial Irene autogas tank being installed with tomasetto valve

Kia Sorento v6

Kia Sorento v6 getting lpg service, kia sportage V6 being converted to autogas


lexus conversion lpg

Lexus LS400

Lexus ls400 autogas lpg conversions in northern ireland Lexus ls400 egine bay after lpg autogas conversion

Lexus LS 400

Lexus LS 400 hidedn autogas filler point uklpg Lexus LS 400 lpg autogas tank level gauge

Lexus GS 300

Lexus GS 300 lpg converted in northern ireland Lexus GS 300 engine bay after autogas conversion with no problems starting first time

Lexus LS430

Lexus LS430 being converted and autogas filler mounted Lexus Ls430 engine bay during lpg system installation Mercedes S430 W220 engine after being converted to gas in NI


lincoln conversion lpg

Lincoln Vavigator 5.4

Lincoln Vavigator 5.4 after lpg autogas conversion Lincoln Vavigator 5.4 lpg autogas converted getting filled at the pump Lincoln Vavigator 5.4 engine bay after lpg conversion


mazda conversion lpg

Mazda 6 2.0

Mazda 6 2.0 in for lpg service and mapping tuning and chipping


mercedes converted lpg

Mercedes 280e

Mercedes 280 te old cars tuning carb set up ignition adjusting timing misfires fixed 

Mercedes CLK 320

Mercedes CLK 320 C208 filling up with propane lpg at calor gas station near armagh Mercedes CLK 320 C208 proffesional lpg installation problems fixed servicing rough runing on gas sorted  Mercedes CLK 320 C208 autogas filling point and filler parts and spares online

Mercedes Brabus

Mercedes Brabus 5.8 being filled up with lpg for first time at autogas station in Aughnacloy Mercedes Brabus 5.8 lpg fuel level indicator and switch over button Mercedes Brabus 5.8 LPG autogas tank rigitly mouted in the boot

Mercedes CL500

Mercedes cl500 W215 hiden out of way lpg filler Mercedes cl500 W215 reinforced brackets installation for autogas donut tank in the boot spare wheel Mercedes cl500 W215 high powered engine working well on LPG

Mercedes C200

Mercedes W202 c200 Autogas tuning settup fautl repairs alternative fuel company Mercedes W202 c200 Engine bay after fitting lpg system AFC G3

Mercedes C180 Kompressor

Mercedes C180 W203 LPG converted using AFC G3 Mercedes C180 W203 engine bay after LPG autogas covnersion in Aughnacloy C180 Kompressor Engine Propane

Mercedes 230 TE

Mercedes E230 refuelling at autogas station in Tyrone Mercedes TE230 motronic mechanical injection LPG Conversion Mercedes 230 te lpg autogas fuel level switch installation and location

Mercedes S500

Mercedes S500 W220 filling up with lpg autogas stations in Ireland Mercedes S500 W220 LPG conversion in progress front end autogas wiring Mercedes S500 W220 securely mountes autogas tank donut toroidial

Mecredes s320 w140

s320 w140 mercedes lpg insurance inspections and certifications for cars insurance Mercedes S320 W140 aAutogas lpg switch location by Alternative fuel company Ireland Mercedes S320 W140 Engine bay autogas conversion Mercedes S320 W140 lpg autogas conversions in ireland and UK

Mercedes S320 w221

Mercedes S320 w221 lpg converted in Aughnacloy Tyrone Mercedes S320 w221 limo autogas inspections servicing and repairs Aughnacloy Mercedes S320 w221 hidden autogas filling point stealthy Mercedes S320 w221 engine bay after lpg conversion

Mercedes W203

Mercedes W203 C240 V6 Mounting autogas filling point in the rear wing and toroidial donut tank Mercedes W203 Kompresso engine close up after autogas system installation

Mercedes e240 V6 w210

Mercedes e240 V6 w210 lpg autogas converted to run on gas Mercedes e240 V6 w210 Lpg autogas filler square cap hidden Mercedes e240 V6 w210 engine bay after lpg conversion

Mercedes E200 W210

Mercedes E200 W210 autogas propane uklpg inspetions for insurance Mercedes E200 W210 autogas lpg converted Mercedes E200 W210 autogas lpg conversions in ireland alternative fuel company Mercedes E200 W210 autogas lpg conversion filling point

Mercedes CL500 C216

Mercedes CL500 C216 Autgas insurance inspections Mercedes CL500 C216 engine bay after lpg conversion Mercedes CL500 C216 lpg autogas filling point stealthy flush filler

Mercedes C350 W204

Mercedes C350 W204 lpg autogas conversions and installations in Ireland Mercedes C350 W204 lpg conversions approved by insurance uklpg

Mercedes C180 W203

Mercedes C180 W203 Kompressor Proffesional problem free Lpg conversions NI Mercedes C180 W203 Kompressor being filled up with propane gas at autogas stations near Dungannon

Mercedes B170

Mercedes B170 filling up with lpg for first time after autogas system installation Mercedes B170 engine bay after lpg autogas conversion

Mercedes A140

Mercedes A140 lpg conversion problems diagnosed and fixed alternative fue company ireland best autogas installer

Mercedes A140

Mercedes 280E classic car autogas conversions and tuning Mercedes 280 te old cars tuning carb set up ignition adjusting timing misfires fixed Mercedes 280 te classic cars northern ireland tuning and repair


mg lpg conversion


MG ZR 1.8 LPG conversion, engine bay of K series engine with autogas system MG ZR 1.8 autogas fuel level indicator gauge switch


mitsubishi lpg conversion

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 Sport

mitsubishi shogun 3.0 sport filling up with lpg at autogas station in Northern Ireland mitsubishi shogun sport autogas filling point mitsubishi shogun sport engine bay after LPG autogas system installation

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 lpg autogas conversion inspection service and repair in Northern Ireland Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 ex police vehicle lpg autogas conversions by alternative fuel company Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 engine bay after lpg autogas conversion in Northern Ireland


mustang lpg conversion

Mustang V6

Ford Mustang Lpg autogas propane conversion equipment and spares diagnostic and repair UK Ford Mustang Ireland converted to LPG propane


nissan converted on lpg

Nissan Murano 3.5

Nissan Murano 3.5 lpg autogas runing problems fixed repaired diagnostic servicing Nissan Murano 3.5 lpg autogas conversion problems repair all fixed

Nissan Murano 3.5

Nissan Murano 3.5 Autogas inspections, diagnostic fault finding and Nissan Murano 3.5 Filler point location for autogas conversion Nissan Murano 3.5 engine bay view with LPG system in place all covered out of view

Nissan 200 sx s14 Turbo

Nissan 200 sx s14 Turbo Lpg Autogas Converted Nissan 200 sx s14 Turbo lpg filler behind revolving number plate Nissan 200 sx s14 Turbo being filled up with autogas lpg


peugeot lpg conversion

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007 hidden autogas filling point behind revolving number plate Peugeot 1007 filling point location for autogas tank Peugeot 1007 1.6 engine bay after lpg autogas cnversion with injectors shown Magic, Hana, Keihin, Prins, BRC, OMVL Peugeot 1007 lpg certifications repairs autogas spare parts

 Range Rover

range rover lpg conversion

Range Rover Sport 4.4 LPG

Range Rover Sport 4.4 LPG safety inspections for insurance Range Rover Sport 4.4 autogas propane injector service with ic12 Range Rover Sport 4.4 alternative fuel company lpg autogas conversions and installations NI uklpg

Range Rover L322 4.4 V8

Range Rover L322 4.4 V8 converted to lpg by Alternative Fuel Company NI Range Rover L322 4.4 V8 engine bay after lpg conversion Range Rover L322 4.4 V8 hidden autogas lpg filling point Range Rover L322 4.4 V8 lpg autogas switch location

Range Rover 4.4 v8

range rover 4.4 v8 black rear body mounted Autogas Filler range rover 4.4 v8 boot Mounted Toroidial Tank


renault lpg conversion

Renault Laguna 2 Litre 16 Valve

Renault Laguna 1.8 spare wheel autogas tanks tomaseto valve stako, irene, zavoli Renault Laguna 1.8 engine after autogas installs, stag, kme, AFC G3, prins, brc, omvl parts and repairs Renault Laguna 1.8 autogas switch levle gauge mounted inside near steering

 Rolls Royce

rolls royce conversion

Rolls Royce Silver Spur

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 diagnostics repairs tuning ignitions want start bentley problems fixed garage Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 repairs and diagnostics lpg autogas garage in NI Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 mechanical injection problems fixed autogas conversions NI

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 lpg autogas converted Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 Servicing, Diagnostics, repairs. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 being filled up with lpg autogas after conversion Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 engine bay after lpg autogas propane conversion

Rolls Royce silver shadow 6.75

Rolls royce silver shadow 6.75 converted to LPG in Ireland, Servicing, diagnostic carbs and ignition problems fixed Rolls Royce silver shadow lpg autogas filler located under rear bumper Rolls Royce silver shadow autogas switch over switch location Rolls Royce Shadow SU carbs adapted for LPG autogas


rover gas converted

Rover 75 2.5 v6

Rover 75 2.5 v6 engine bay after lpg autogas conversion Rover 75 2.5 v6 autogas filling point location alternative fuel company lpg conversions


saab lpg autogas

Saab 95

Saab 95 2.0 turbo Aero biggest LPG conversion center in Ireland and UK Saab 95 turbo Aero converted to gas lpg propane in NI high performance cars no problem

Saab 93

Saab 93 2.0 turbo Aero Auto gas conversions, supplying spares and parts for lpg systems problems fixe bigges conversion garage in Ireland Saab 93 2.0 turbo Aero Autogas gauge switch level indicator Saab 93 2.0 turbo Aero engine after autogas install Prins, BRC, KME, Stag, OMVL biggest garage in Northern Ireland


Skoda gas conversion lpg

Skoda Superb 1.8 Turbo

Skoda Superb 1.8 turbo engine bay after lpg conversion no hasle no problem Skoda superb lpg autogas conversion northern ireland

Skoda Octavia Black 1.6

Skoda Octavia Black 1.6 lpg conversion adn repair garage NI skoda octavia 1.6 engine after installation of lpg system with Magic injectors KME silver and AFC G3


subaru autogas

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy 2.0 Twin Turbo being converted to autogas Subaru Legacy 2.0 Twin Turbo with autogas installation

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Turbo WRX STI insurance approved UKLPG lpga certifications for autogas installations

Subaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2.5 Turbo LPG auto gas conversion to high power cars with no performance loss Subaru Impreza 2.0 valtek autogas injectors, other brands like Hana, Magic, Keihin, BRC, Prins, available for sale Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2.5 Turbo with bigger lpg tank installed inthe boot Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2.5 Turbo Revolving number plate with hidden LPG filler

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy 3.0 H6 under bonnet view after conversion

Subaru Outback

Subaru Forrester lpg gpl Subaru under bonnett converted subaru forester autogas conversion


suzuki lpg autogas

Suzuki Vitara V6 LPG

Suzuki Vitara V6 LPG autogas problems repaired fixed Suzuki Vitara V6 LPG autogas conversion installations and repairs in northern ireland Suzuki Vitara V6 Conversion in progress alternative fuel company Aughnacloy Suzuki Vitara V6 Autogas diagnostics and repair Tyrone


toyota autogas

Toyota Carina E

Toyota Carina 3 lpg 1.6 leanburn engine quality reliable lpg installations

Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti LPG spares parts servicing filters diagnostic and repair Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti lpg autogas converted in Northern Ireland

Toyota Avensis 2010

Toyota avensis 1.8 Valvematic following lpg installation by biggest lpg converter in Ireland  Toyota avensis 1.8 Valvematic autogas conversions, inspections, certifications diagnostics and repair

Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic

Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic converting cars to gas with long warranty Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic converted to gas in Ireland Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic engine bay after autogas conversion Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic lpg autogas conversion in Ireland

Toyota Avensis T4

Toyota avensis T4 lpg converisons in Ireland Toyota avensis lpg autogas taxi with twin tanks 800 miles range Toyota avensis lpg autogas taxi propane conversion by alternative fuel company northern ireland Toyota avensis lpg autogas taxi lpg servicing conversions and repairs tyrone ireland

Toyota Avensis T4

Toyota aygo 1.0 semiauto lpg autogas converions in ireland alternative fuel company Toyota Aygo 1.0 converted to fun on lpg autogas engine bay

Toyota mr2 2.0

 Toyota mr2 2.0 lpg autogas converted


vauxhall lpg autogas

Vauxhall Vectra 1.8

Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 tuning diagnosis and repair insurance and dvla aproved garage Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 vvti engine lpg autogas converted in Ireland Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 upper cylinder adjustment Vauxhall opel vectra autogas filler point

Vauxhall Omega Estate

Vauxhall Omega 2.2 estate lpg installations of KME, Prins, Omvl, Stag, BRC, lpgtech Vauxhall Omega 2.2 estate engine view after lpg conversion

Vauxhall Astra 1.6

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 fuel level indicator gauge switch Vauxhall Astra 1.4 enigne bay view after installation visible injectors magic, hana, prins, brc, omvl, stag, vauxhall astra 1.4 after lpg conversion at alternativefuelcompany northern Ireland

Vauxhall Astra 2008

vauxhall astra 1.6 autogas spare parts, servicing, diagnostic and repair biggest garage in Ireland vauxhall astra sport hatch switch autogas gauge lcation Vauxhall Astra 1.4 enigne bay view after installation visible injectors magic, hana, prins, brc, omvl, stag,

Vauxhall Omega

Vauxhall omega 2.0 taxi converted to lpg in Derry Vauxhall Omega 2.0 Taxi lpg converted to autogas Vauxhall Omega 2.0 Taxi cylinder gas tank mounted in the boot

Vauxhall Insignia

Vauxhall Insignia 1.8 VVTi converted to lpg in aughnacloy northern ireland Vauxhall Insignia 1.8 VVTi fuel level gauge indicator Vauxhall Insignia 1.8 VVTi autogas fuel filler location

Vauxhall Astra Sports Hatch

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sport hatch converted to lpg without problems Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sport hatch installation of lpg level gauge in progress Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sport hatch fuel level indicator gauge and switch

Vauxhall Vectra

vauxhall vectra rear mounted filler being filled up at autogas station near dungannon Vauxhall Vectra lpg autogas wiring installation and fault finding


volkswagen autogas conversion

Volkswagen Passat B5

Volkswagen passat 2.0 conversions repairs diagnostics lpg autogas propane cars vans and trucks hgv Volkswagen passat 2.0 engine after lpg conversion, no problem, idling smooth no issues Volkswagen passat 2.0 lpg autogas convertion engine bay after whats involved


volvo gas conversion lpg

Volvo S60

volvo s60 2.4t converted to auto gas in northern ireland Volvo s60 2.4 Turbo Engine volvo s60 lpg switch kme, stag, stako, brc, prince, zavoli, landi

Volvo S60

Vovlo S60 turbo autogas lpg conversions and system installation certyfied insurance uklpg volvo s60 rear autogas conversions in Aughnacloy volvo s60 lpg switch kme, stag, stako, brc, prince, zavoli, landi

Volvo C70

volvo c70 2.3 Turbo cnvertible auto gas diagnosis, repairs, certification, insurance checks Volvo C70 turbo lpg autogas conversion in NI Volvo c70 cabriolet autogas conversion Ireland

Volvo 940

volvo 940 rear mounted tow bar filler autogas conversion on older cars with no problems volvo 940 turbo lpg conversion to old classic cars save money on fuel Volvo 940 Turbo lpg autogas converted in NI

Volvo S60

Volvo S60 2.4 turbo lpg autogas conversion specialist Aughnacloy Tyrone Volvo S60 2.4 turbo being filled up with autogas propane Volvo S60 2.4 turbo engine bay lpg converted

We have converted scores of different cars including:

Alfa Romeo: 145 TS, 155 TS & V6, 156 TS & V6, 166 TS & V6, GTV TS & V6
Audi: V8Injectors – Audio V8, A6

BMW: X3, X5, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series

Chevrolet: Tacuma, Winnebago
Chrysler: Grand Voyager
Citroen: Berlingo, C4, C5 4 Cyl & V6, Xsara, Saxo

Daewoo: Lacetti

Dodge: Caliber, Ram

Fiat: Brava, Bravo, Punto 1, 2 and 3, Stila

Ford: F 150, Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, Mondeo, Scorpio

Honda: Accord, Civic, CRV, CRX, Integra

Hyundai: Sonata
Isuzu: Trooper V6

Jaguar: Sovereign, XJ Sport, S Type, X Type, X 300 & XJ 6&8 Models, XJR

Jeep: Cherokee, Grand Cherokee

Kia: Carens, Sorento, Sportage
Landrover: Discovery – 1,2,3, Freelander
Lexus: IS200 & 300, GS300 & 430, LS400 & 430, SC430, RX300
Mazda: 3, 6, 626
Mercedes: Brabus, CLK320, CL500, C180, C200, C200K, C230K, C240, E200, E230, E240, E320, ML320, ML55 AMG, S280, S130, S350, S500, 230te, 280e, GS300
MG: ZR 160, MG ZT V8
Mitsubushi: Colt 3, Lancer Evo 5 & 7, Outlander, Shogun 4 & 5 V6
Mustang: V6
Nissan: 200 SX S14, Micra K11 & K12, Murano
Peugeot: 307, 406, 407, 1007
Range Rover: 4.2se Classic, P38, Vogue HSE 4.4 & Supercharged
Renault: Megane, Laguna, Scenic
Rolls Royce: Silver Spur
Rover: 45, 75
Saab: 9-3, 9-5
Seat: Alhambra, Leon, Toledo
Skoda: Superb, Octavia
Subaru: Impreza, Forester, Legacy 3 & 4, Outback, Tribeca, WRX & STI
Toyota: Avensis, Carina E, Celica 4 & 5, Landcruiser
Vauxhall: Astra G & H, Frontera, Insignia, Omega, Vectra
Volkswagen: Golf, Passat, Sharan, Transporter R32
Volvo: V40, S60, 850 T5R, S70, S80 T6, XC90 T6

Most petrol engines are able to be successfully converted to run
on dual fuel – that is – LPG and petrol.

There are two main different tank options when it comes to installing your new LPG gas system:

Cylinder tank

cylinder tank cars lpg conversion

Torodial or doughnut tank

torodial lpg tank

and two main ways in which to fit them.